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The most efficient recruitment software for the Health & Social Care Sector

SMRT:RecTrac™ is a fully automated solution that allows for increased levels of recruitment activity with less resource.

  • Decreased Admin Costs
  • Increased Compliance
  • Increased visibility over your candidates
  • Decreased average time to hire
  • Decreased candidate drop out rate
  • Efficient recruitment budget allocations
  • Efficient candidate management

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SMRT:RecTrac™ eliminates over 80% of workload

In trials with a large employer, we have processed over 7500 applications, delivered a saving in admin overheads of 80%, increased successful candidate starts from 3.4% to 8.5% of all enquiries, whilst also reducing the time to hire from 5 weeks to 3 weeks.

Automated Interview Booking

Our SMRT:Meet™ solution automates scheduling, booking and managing of interviews, delivering huge time and cost savings.

Data & Reporting

Our system shows a variety of data in real time that will allow you to put in place efficient business processes in order to maximise your recruitment budgets as well as giving you visibility that no other recruitment system on the market can provide.

Notification Centre

Provides alerts to users when an action is required on candidates files ensuring no time is wasted checking files

Increased Compliance

All candidate records held in one place. Create CQC compliant audit files with the click of a button.

Customisable Workflows

RecTrac is completely customisable, allowing your organisation to change how the system works to suit business needs and processes.

See the real value
of our recruitment tool.


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Our team of founders have over 30 years experience in Health & Social Care, previously running some of the UK’s largest care providers, as well as over 20 years in IT projects.

This gives us a unique perspective on what is needed in the sector from security, operational, compliance, and recruitment perspectives.

30 years of experience in Health & Social Care and IT projects.